JOHN KASTEN has always been a creative individual with an inquisitive mind. When he started in college, he had trouble deciding between majoring in fine arts or mathematics. Following his artistic side, he eventually had degrees in both fine arts and architecture, developing Kasten Design Inc. While continuing a successful and rewarding career as an architect, that same creative drive and discipline has spilled over into other ventures including wine making.

CYNTHIA KASTEN is the outgoing people person in the relationship. She studied Sociology in college and went on to receive an MBA before following a career in Human Resources management. After serving the City of Napa as their Personnel Director for 22 years, Cyndi now teaches MBA classes at a local university as well as advises other agencies as an HR consultant. Cyndi is able to utilize her experience for the business aspects of the wine venture. She also enjoys entertaining; sharing the food and wine experience with others has become a wonderful extension of that.


LAURA SOLOMON is John and Cynthia’s daughter who grew up assisting with all aspects of winemaking. She went on to work in several wineries including Domaine Carneros and Black Stallion. She has taken classes in viticulture at Napa Valley College as well as completed a Landscape Architecture degree at UC Davis where she expanded her knowledge of plants including grapevines. With her background and love of wine, she is a natural for assisting in marketing the wines as well as sharing her expertise in sustainability of the vineyard. She recently got married in the Kasten Family Vineyard to Jerod Solomon who both enjoy living in the valley.

Our Story
John and Cyndi Kasten moved to Napa in 1989 and quickly became fascinated with the wine culture of the valley. They joined a wine tasting group led by Mark Jessup of Jessup Cellars fame and then branched into home winemaking in 1993 with new friends from their tasting grou p. The winemaking venture took on the name of Leap of Faith Vintners and found itself winning countless awards in local and regional wine competitions. The group developed a reputation for superior wines and soon had a cult following throughout the Valley. In 1999, the Kastens decided to take their new found passion for winemaking one step further and bought a small piece of property on the valley floor in Napa. Following their own taste for classic red blends they crafted a small vineyard on a 2 acre parcel planting 3 French Bordeaux varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The grape production from this small plot turned out to be phenomenal with exquisite results. The character of the produced wine has far exceeded their expectations. In order to keep their own wine production small and to share the abundance of fruit with others, the Kastens sell about half of the grapes to other winemakers – including the on-going Leap of Faith enterprise as well as to Mark Jessup of J Gregory Cellars.

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